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Posted 8 July at Has anyone been for PIP assessment? I went yesterday Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis sure how it went i will have to wait to find out. But the Questions i was asked was pointless they only asked what i had written on the application to confirm what i had Service und Psoriasis They have been in contact with my specialist who has confirmed my condition and spoken to other medical people i have seen to me it was pointless.

They have all the information they need so why do they need to see you? The exercises they asked me to do where mainly pointless as they were ones that my condition is not effected by Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis the ones that were i could not do. I have been awarded PIP upper mobility and lower daily living each test is scored and you must get a certain number of points to get any money. The person that does the assessment does not know if you will be awared anything but gives a record of findings, this is then looked Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis. On the plus side any award Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis will be back dated to the date the claim was received, so you may get a large payout as it is such a long process.

No i didnt realise i could look at the scoring, oh well i will just have wait to see if i get it or not. Thanks Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis the info. I too receive PIP upper rate of the care component, nothing for mobility which I have appealed against so waiting to hear on that score. If you are not awarded it, appeal. Getting in Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis with the Disability Employment Adviser at your local Jobcentre.

Best thing I ever did. Hi Sheila Psoriasis-Studie did your appeal go? I was retired from my job on grounds Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis capability due to ill health in Oct yet the pension provider refused my Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis for ill health retirement and 2 subsequent appeals. Another battle for me, as if life isn't hard enough. I Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis because Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis is a rare condition that not enough is known about it and that's why things are so very hard.

It seems that only recently the medical profession are realising it is not the poor relation of rheumatoid arthritis - I mean no disrespect to folk with RA.

If I can be of any help please respond or ask your Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis to. You sound like a caring supportive lady, we need that. My husband Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis fantastic, I feel extremely blessed. Thankyou sheila how long did it take to be sorted? I'm at the mandatory reconsideration stage at the moment.

I am so angry he was given 10 points for mobility when he first more info when he hurt his back and now he's got worse with PA they've took it off him x.

My trade union rep thought this was very unfair as I had been confined to a wheelchair at times during I too went through mandatory review without success so I went to tribunal.

The outcome of which was successful, the process was much better than I anticipated all Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis had to do was be completely honest.

The ttribunal panel Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis of 3 people, one was a clinician, can't recall what the others were. I Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis their decision on the day. I went to mandatory appeal, attended a medical and received a positive outcome within 6 weeks. You can't do this alone. Even if your appeal has been sent in, keep sending evidence, just mark it with your reference Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis. I'm not going to fib, I spent Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis of time and energy doing this.

Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis quite correctly are rigorous, it's public funds after all. If you would like my email address please pm me; Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis will do my best to help. PsA overwhelmed me, Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis needed and received help and it will be my pleasure to pass this on. Thankyou so much sheila that's very helpful, we've been to the jobcentre today and asked about a disability employment Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis and was told that they can't help with this.

We're going to see our gp tomorrow to aak him to write a letter for us, I've also got an email from PAPAA and a copy of their Web page. My daughter is now writing a letter explaining what she see's her dad go through on a daily Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis. I'm going to phone his rheumatologist helpline tomorrow to see if they can give him a letter. I just hope it's enough, the both of us are really down and depressed Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis the minute, we could do with some good news.

That way you can send a private message which will be seen only by me. We will be able to communicate easier rather than a public forum. Disappointing about your jobcentre, perhaps try again and hope that you get someone more helpful. The stuff you're doing is really positive, I hope someone else on this forum may suggest other things to help you both.

I was diagnosed with PsA 2 years ago I take methotrexate and inject Humira and take strroida and have done since I was diagnosed. I Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis receive middle rate pip but my PsA is source my feet toes and heals - knees - hip right hand side and fingers and thumbs Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis hand side that are literally twice the size as my Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis hand I have shocking fingers nails they are chronically pitted.

Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis to hear of your loss and your on going medical issues. There is some Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis at the end of the tunnel, You can ask for a re assesment or you can make a new application on the grounds that your condition has got worse since your assesment.

I think your best approach will be to make a new application, because even if you do not get a higher payment the payment your already getting can not be withdrawn until its term is up. Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis you go for re assesment option it depends how long since it was awarded also they could change the amount up or down, So best option again is fresh claim. One thing to remember is that Atos Healthcare who undertake the assessments are not rheumatology experts.

They are working Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis a script - the person who you see during the assessment then sends the information to a decision maker. Remember to support your application with as much supporting evidence Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis copies of letters, test results. Include a personal statement written by your wife.

Do you keep a daily diary? I record how I feel, pain level and mobility Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis I record how much medication I take. Includes also, all physio and OT appointments, etc. A daily diary is a great piece of evidence not only for these assessments but for yourself too, Finally, have you spoke to PAPAA? Hi Robert, just came across your discussion. I have psoriatic arthritis, and osteoarthritis. PIP, this I did. I have to have a assessment on 18th February I am quite worried, as I'm not very good at explaining myself!!

I agree with you, as I have given them my rheumatologist name, and orthopaedic doctors. Very useful as there's nothing worse than leaving such an appointment thinking "oh why didn't I say that?

Please read through my posts to Robert and Paula above, if you any further help, please ask away! Hi Fran yes i was awarded PIP. The interview is all about you and Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis you cope on a daily basis.

Just tell them you cant or it hurts too much Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis do it. Explain how your medication effects you how you have to use painkillers to get through the day etc. Any other information you need feel free to ask. Hi sheila, just Psoriasis-Creme update.

The Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis was really nice, put me at straight Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis. Fingers crossed that I will be awarded PIP.

Hi Frances so was it just a series of questions and them Gebete für die Heilung you to do a couple of movements as i said? We build things up through fear. I'm glad that you felt relaxed. Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis hope you were well prepared, I'm sure you were. That gives us confidence. You will have racemosa Psoriasis-Behandlung Sambucus answer soon, I hope it's favourable.

Please let me know Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis. Hi Robert, it was exactly that. Quite a few movements Psoriasis Dexamethason bei couldn't do, as I was in too much pain. I had to attend in Cardiff, but my daughter took me, so from the multi storey car park, it wasn't too far to walk.

Thanks sheila, I will let you know the outcome. It's only speaking to you and robert, that I wasn't a bag of nerves. Many thanks to you both. You are most welcome! I would me so lost and afraid without this forum!

All the great advice, support and humour we share! I feel I've made real friends, you know you click at this page Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis to explain that Vor von Psoriasis und Foto der nach Behandlung really ill when folk say you look well facially at least the crutch, walking stick and wrist braces are a giveaway!

It's only Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis nearest and dearest who know about the reality, the guys and gals who help us out of the bath or shower, the ones we wake, weeping in the night, the ones who share the horrible flaking skin, no matter how well we bandage, they're the heroes really. I only actually know 1 other person with PsA. She is attractive, great company etc but she won't enter into a relationship because more info this illness, and I Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis that completely.

Actually, if that happened I don't think I could cope at all. Gosh that sounds unhealthy but my Zytostatika für Psoriasis is getting much worse, it takes me ages to get dressed now, there's a lot Forum für Psoriasis-Arthritis fluid on my knees so the rotten things hardly bend.

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